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Yamashita & Associates, a cross-border M&A consulting firm in Asia, is the leading firm for M&A between ASEAN and Japanese companies especially in the field of Software and IT Industry.

Unlike the usual cross-border M&A deals whereby the M&A advisor provides information on the needs of their client to other M&A advisors and seeks their help in sourcing potential targets in the targeted country, YAMASHITA & ASSOCIATES with the best interest of our clients at heart researches targeted country and companies ourselves and contacts, communicates and negotiates directly with potential Targets. Thus our clients can have a clear understanding of the targeted market and Targets' conditions. It helps them to make sound judgement in the selection of the best strategic partner.

Since our establishment in the year 2000, we have had outstanding M&A achievements between Japanese and ASEAN companies, consolidated the best M&A processes for our clients and built extensive and strong connections with Software and IT company founders and top executives.

Our objective is to operate always with our client's best interest at heart and clinch successful M&A deal for our client with the best partner.


Managing Director

Taka YAMASHITA, founder of Yamashita & Associates is also our Lead consultant. With extensive professional M&A experiences, he has personally clinched many outstanding cross-border M&A deals between ASEAN and Japanese companies especially in the Software and IT industry.

For ten years, from 1991 to 2000, he was involved in many M&A deals as a top consultant under RECOF Limited, a M&A consulting firm in Japan. His in-depth M&A experiences at RECOF has enabled him to gain tacit knowledge and built strong personal networks in Japanese IT industry.

In 2000, he set up Yamashita & Associates upon his relocation to Singapore; offering ASEAN market-entry & business alliance consulting services to Japanese company and M&A consulting services to companies in Asia.

In 2011, he set up a subsidiary, Yamashita & Associates Japan Ltd upon his return to Tokyo; providing M&A advisory services.

Taka Yamashita graduated from the Faculty of Science of Nagoya University.


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